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Last year my husband took me to an internet marketing seminar. At 51 I thought blogging was for the young, PRIVATE BLOG NETWORK I have now found a passion for blogging and realise blogging is for everyone.

At the seminar I heard Sean Rasmussen speak and I was so impressed I purchased his Affiliate Marketing Mastery Program. When learning to blog, it is important to learn from an experienced online internet marketing expert.

The first thing you will learn is the importance of finding your passion and blogging about it. The benefit is you will have knowledge on the subject and it will make writing content for your site easy and enjoyable.

Having a positive attitude also helps. There is a lot to learn and it does take time to learn all the techniques of blogging and to implement them. It also takes time to build traffic to your site. Keeping positive and optimistic will help you on your path to become a successful blogger.

One of the main building blocks to your site is the keywords. Having the right keywords will bring traffic to your website. The time and effort you put into your keyword research is critical, you need to get this right and it should never be rushed.

Once you have completed your keyword research you are now ready to register the domain name, set-up your website hosting and install WordPress.

There are two categories of search engine optimisation, On Page and Off Page SEO. On Page SEO is your keyword research.

There are a number of Off Page SEO techniques you can use. Building backlinks can be done by leaving comments on relevant sites. You can submit your site to RSS and Website directories, being involved in Social Media and much more.

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